Build teams that work

Like you, we are first and foremost members of a team working towards a common purpose. By virtue of our experiences and training, we are also software engineering professionals. In 2018 we combined those attributes to form Climbing Capital, a business that helps other teams work more effectively by improving their work practises and strengthening team communication.

We provide tools and consulting services to co-located and distributed teams to help them make their work more effective and rewarding. Our tools help to improve work processes, build team rapport or to simply help to hold a light-hearted team catch-up.

Our services often centre on helping a team implement SCRUM or Kanban, but first and foremost you will find us curious about the team and business. We will share our own experiences and point towards best practises, but we think the most important thing we can do is help you to seek out the small differences that make the team unique and provide its characters.

Process is important, but it is personality and attitude that makes the difference between “good” and “excellent”. We have had a great day in the office if we have been able to help a team make that transition, got to watch them head out from base camp with a plan to reach a peak.